CFS申请表 (CFS Application Form)

请填写以下信息,我们将在您提交后的一个星期内跟您取得联系并进行面试。To apply for the China Fieldwork Semester, please complete the application below. Accepted students will receive an email with enrollment steps within one week of submitting the application form.
年/月/日 (YYYY/MM/DD)
What math course are you currently enrolled in?
What math course do you intend to enroll in next semester?
If you are a non-native Chinese speaker and have studied Chinese, what is the highest level of Chinese coursework that you will have completed by the start of the CFS?
Have you taken a course on environmental science?
Please attach a short (300 words or less), informal essay that explains why you want to join this program, and what skills, experiences, perspectives you feel you could contribute to CFS.
(请上传PDF文件。Upload as PDF.)
I declare that: