Top 10 Slang Mandarin Phrases by Crazy Fresh Chinese

Jessica Beinecke, better known as Bái Jié (白洁 ) by her viewers, is an American educator, videographer, and internet personality best known for producing videos that focus on introducing English slang and American culture to Chinese viewers.


Beinecke became a language-star in China in August 2011 when one of her videos titled, Yucky Gunk, in which she talks about boogers, earwax, and eye gunk, went viral. She hasn’t looked back since, and currently curates six social media accounts in China and the U.S.

10 Slang Mandarin Phrases by Crazy Fresh Chinese

How do you say “You’re so dramatic!” in Chinese?

Have a friend that’s overreacting or being way too dramatic for no good reason? Want to tell them how you feel, but don’t know how to do so in Chinese? Watch this video and you’ll know exactly what to say to them!

How do you say “It’s not my fault!” in Chinese?

When you’re learning a new language, there’s bound to be some miscommunication and oftentimes what you end up saying is a lot different from what you had in mind. Need to explain to your Chinese friend that it wasn’t your fault? Learn how to by watching this video!

How do you say “I know what you’re thinking!” in Chinese?

Ever get the feeling you know what someone is thinking and want to let them know you know what’s on their mind? In this video, Bái Jié explains how you say, “I know what you’re thinking,” in Chinese.

How do you say “That’s messed up!” in Chinese?

Want to express your discomfort upon being faced with an undesirable situation but don’t know the best way to do so in Chinese? Allow Bái Jié to help you learn.

How do you say “I have no clue!” in Chinese?

There are times, when learning a new language, when one simply has no idea what is being said to them. This may be because what is being said is being said way too fast, or because one doesn’t have the required vocab to comprehend. We’ve all been there, and it’s immensely frustrating. How do you let the other person know you have no clue what they’re talking about in Chinese? Watch this video to find out!

What does “88” mean in Chinese?

Have you ever received a text message from a friend which says “88”? Has this left you scratching your head, wondering what this number means? In China, it’s simply another way to say, ‘Bye-bye!’

How do you say “That makes sense!” in Chinese?

Well, that really does make sense.

How do you say “It means a lot to me!” in Chinese?

It’s important to express your gratitude when someone does something sweet for you. But how do you do so in Chinese? Bái Jié shows you how!

How do you say “Bring it on!” in Chinese?

Are you a competitive person? Love accepting challenges? If so, you ought to know how to say, “Bring it on!” in Chinese. It’s a sure-shot way of impressing your Chinese friends!

How do you say “Could you do me a favor?” in Chinese?

Anyone who’s studying – or living – abroad in China knows that it’s impossible to do everything on your own. From time to time, we all need help from other people. Watch this video, and let Bái Jié teach you how to say, “Could you do me a favor?” in Chinese.

Having studied Mandarin in Beijing and Hangzhou as an undergraduate, not only is Beinecke fluent in the language but also serves as an ambassador of American culture and language to China. According to Jessica’s about page, “The 100,000 Strong Foundation is the founding partner of Crazy Fresh Chinese, focused on encouraging students across the country to both learn Mandarin and study in China.”


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A Foreigner’s Perspective on China

Matthew Tye, better known as laowhy86, is an American YouTuber and Internet personality best known for producing entertainingly insightful video content on his time as an expatriate in China. His videos cover a range of different topics like the cultural differences that exist between the United States and China, what it means to be a foreigner in China, tips for expats residing in the country, and pretty much everything in between! The nature of his videos is both candid and comical in equal measure, and here’s a list of some of our absolute favorites from his YouTube channel.

Top 13 Videos from YouTuber, Laowhy86

5 Reasons You Will Love China

From the diversity of its languages and cuisine to the sheer humility and kindness shared by its people, China is a truly remarkable country, and this video highlights some of the things that make it so different yet so welcoming to foreigners.

Why It’s HARD to Have Chinese Friends

Is it easy to make friends in China? Is it not? How hard could it be? In this video, laowhy86 shares his experiences on what it takes to initiate and forge meaningful friendships with locals, and the challenges that may arise along the way.

Top 5 Underrated Places in CHINA to Visit

China is simply too big and too beautiful a country with way too many places worth visiting and exploring! While selecting just 5 places from a huge list of possible options is hard, it’s interesting to see which places laowhy86 recommends his viewers visit during their time in China. A somewhat subjective list, the video does leave one wondering: how has the gorgeous Guangxi landscape not made its way onto this list?

Chinese Girl Tries American SNACK FOODS

Watch as Tye and his Chinese wife make each other try snacks from their respective childhoods in this amusing video!

Stereotypes of Foreigners in China

You know what makes an extremely relaxed yet insightful video? Discussing some of the misconceptions about, and stereotypes associated with, being a foreigner in China over dinner and drinks. Tye joins his friend Prozzie in this hilarious undertaking!

What NOT to do in CHINA: Top 5 Things

A good watch for foreigners in the country, this video goes over some of the things any and every visitor in China should avoid doing if they don’t want to (mistakenly) stand out and embarrass themselves!

How Hard is Learning CHINESE?

Is Chinese really the hardest language on the planet? In this video, laowhy86 discusses why that’s simply not true, along with other misconceptions that are usually associated with learning the language.

Top 5 Weirdest Laws in CHINA

Did you know that you cannot use puns – yes, puns – in China? This is especially true for advertisements and anything else in the media. Weird right? Check this video out if you’re interested in learning about other weird laws that exist in the country.

Are You Fat In China?

Beauty standards are different in different countries. In this video, Chinese women talk about their ideal body types, pressures they’ve faced to lose weight, and body shaming experiences they’ve endured.

5 WEIRD Things CHINESE People Believe

The older the country or culture, the more superstitions it has, and China is a very old country with many different superstitions and unique beliefs. How do these beliefs differ from those in the west? Watch the video to find out!

十一 Why You Need Connections in China

It’s common knowledge that befriending locals (in any country) is a good thing. But how far can having local connections actually help you if or when you find yourself in a sticky situation in China? As it turns out, really, really far!

十二 Pokémon GO In CHINA

Okay, so everyone knows of Pokémon GO by now, but the important question for those of us in China is whether or not the game is indeed playable here. The answer to that question is a resounding “no.” While one can certainly download the application without any problems, China has blocked GPS signals, thereby making the game essentially pointless. Are there other versions of the game? Sure! Are they any good? As we find out in this video, not quite.

十三 What’s it Like Being a FOREIGNER in China?

If you’re an expat in China, you may have wondered what the locals think of you. If you’re not, you’ve probably wondered what life living in China as an expat is like. In this video Prozzie and laowhy86 go over these and other important questions.

Tye has been in China for over 7 years now and has been producing videos for a good portion of that time. You can watch more of his videos by clicking on this link and subscribing to his channel.

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At CLI we’ve always known that Guilin is beautiful and we’ve been on a mission to share the beauty since our founding in 2009. So it was a welcomed surprise when we learned that The New York Times sent staff photographer, Josh Haner, to capture some of Guilin, China’s beauty. Enjoy the view. We hope it inspires you to study Mandarin with CLI in Guilin!


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