Top 5 YouTube Channels for Studying Mandarin

Anyone who has searched learn Mandarin” on YouTube might agree that the sheer number of results are overwhelming. In recent years CLI has noticed a handful of channels consistently deliver high quality, engaging educational content. This is our tip of the hat to the five fantastic Mandarin language and cultural educators who we consider to be the best providers of free online videos for Chinese language and cultural studies.



ChinesePod is an excellent Mandarin learning resource, and it’s YouTube channel, ChinesePodTV, offers an in-depth video library of useful Chinese language lessons.

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Yoyo Chinese


Yoyo Chinese has evolved over the last nine years and Yangyang Cheng is the personality behind it all. Whether you are a Mandarin beginner, intermediate, or expert, Yoyo Chinese’s 200+ video library has something for you.

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Learn Chinese Now


Learn Chinese Now consistently delivers entertaining, informative, and practical lessons. With over 100 videos in their library, Learn Chinese Now is a rich resource for Mandarin study.

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You may recognize Fiona Tian from ChinesePodTV. Fiona’s YouTube channel pre-dates ChinesePodTV by about two years and is accompanied by podcasts and study notes found on her website

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Off the Great Wall


Off the Great Wall has been “edu-taining” in style since joining YouTube in 2012. In just three short years they have accumulated nearly 50,000,000 views, over 410,000 subscribers, and covered widespread cultural topics like their recent two-part explainer video about the guqin and their mouthwatering piece on the most popular Chinese cuisines called 8 Dishes You MUST Try When Eating Northeastern Chinese Food!

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Happy online learning! We hope to study Mandarin in China with you some day soon. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @StudyCLI.

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