August Indonesia IFE

Start Date and City:

August 5, 2017, in Bali

End Date and City:

August 14, 2017, in Bali

Primary Trip Segments:

  • It typically takes two calendar days to travel to Bali from the United States. Participants should plan accordingly to arrive in Depensar, Bali (DPS) on or before the start date.
  • Your CLiGS faculty lead will provide additional details about four months prior to the Indonesia program’s start date.

Faculty Lead:

Dr. Marc Stern

Program Description

Trip Duration:

10 days and 10 nights (trip concludes after dinner in Bali; last hotel night in Bali is included in program fees)

Itinerary Overview:

Your CLiGS faculty lead will provide additional details about four months prior to the Indonesia program’s start date.

Important Deadlines:

  • Before May 26: submit your Student Information Form
  • Before June 13: submit 500 USD deposit
  • Before June 19: submit required info to VT GEO
  • Before June 27: submit first half program balance
  • Before July 12: share your int’l flight itinerary with CLI
  • Before July 12: submit final half program balance

Indonesia IFE To-Do List

If you would like to enroll in this Indonesia IFE, please complete each of the following steps in preparation for your travels. As CLI is an official CLiGS partner and helps manage the Center’s IFE enrollment and logistical needs, please feel free to contact CLI anytime at 888-781-8383 or email our Director of Enrollment at if you have questions regarding the enrollment process.
  1. Complete CLI’s Student Information Form
    Please complete our Student Information Form as soon as possible, but no later than May 26, 2017. Be sure to enter information exactly as it appears on your passport. In the days and weeks after you submit this form, you will receive several important emails from CLI in preparation for your program. Please be on the lookout for these emails and stay up to date on CLI and CLiGS requests.
  2. Read and accept key policies regarding CLiGS Global Programs
    Please submit the VT and CLiGS Key Policies Form before submitting your program deposit. This step must be completed before you submit your deposit in step 4, due June 13, 2017.
  3. Register with Virginia Tech’s Global Education Office
    Visit the website of Virginia Tech’s Global Education Office. In the top right corner of the page, click on “VT CAS Login.” Once you are registered in the system you will have access to a list of required forms and information to submit to the Global Education Office, including a scanned, color copy of your passport, emergency contact information, and electronic signatures on key policies.
  4. Submit your Indonesia IFE deposit
    In order to secure your space in this IFE, please click the link below to submit your 500 USD non-refundable deposit by June 13, 2017. Please note that in order to submit your deposit, you must first complete CLI’s Student Information Form (step 1 above) and confirm that you have reviewed and accept the Liability Agreement, the Program Refund Policy, and the CLiGS policy regarding non-enrolled travel companions (step 2 above). Please use our secure and convenient online payment system (secured by Stripe) to submit your IFE deposit.
    Submit IFE Deposit
  5. Stay current on important travel information
    Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed health and safety information from both the CDC and the U.S. State Department well in advance of your departure to Indonesia.
  6. Purchase your international airfare and complete CLI’s Flight Form
    After purchasing your international airfare, please share your flight information with CLI by completing this international flight form by the date noted under “Important Deadlines” above.
  7. Secure your passport
    If you do not have a passport, please apply for one immediately. If you do have a passport, double check that its expiration date is at least six months after the end of your upcoming IFE. If your passport’s expiration date is within six months of your IFE end date, please renew your passport as soon as possible.
  8. Secure your visa (if applicable)
    Passport holders from most countries, including the United States, are offered Visa on Arrival (VoA) upon arriving to any international Indonesian airport and therefore are not required to arrange a visa prior to departing for Indonesia. However, you are advised to review Indonesia’s visa policies at least two months prior to your IFE’s commencement date. All travelers are responsible for researching and complying with the appropriate visa requirements for the country/countries where their program is being held.
  9. Complete CLiGS and CLI’s Medical Allergies and Dietary Restrictions Form
    Please complete our medical allergies and dietary restrictions form upon reading this prompt. It’s important that your travel logistics providers have access to information regarding any medical allergies you may have or other medical considerations of which we should be aware. Please also use this opportunity to inform us of your dietary restrictions (if any).
  10. Submit your remaining IFE balance
    Your remaining IFE balance of 2800 USD (which is the 3300 USD full IFE fee less your 500 USD deposit from step 4 above) is due in two equal payments of 1400 USD on each June 27, 2017 and July 12, 2017. Please use our secure and convenient online payment system (secured by Stripe) to submit your IFE balance. Please note that if you prefer, full program balance can be submitted anytime.
    Submit IFE Balance
  11. Understand your VT-provided medical and travel insurance
    Please carefully review this Virginia Tech Insurance PDF. CLiGS will purchase a travelers’ health insurance policy on your behalf from Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). You will receive an email from CISI with your personal policy information. Be sure to save the information, print out a copy to bring with you on the IFE, and print out another copy to leave with your emergency contact prior to departure. CISI also offers a mobile app that may come in handy during your travels.