CLiGS Brazil Pre-Departure Checklist

Please complete each of the following steps in preparation for your China Seminar. As always, feel free to contact CLI anytime at 888-781-8383 or email CLI’s Director of Admissions at
  1. Complete CLI’s Student Information Form(
    Complete CLI’s Student Info Form within one week of receiving this form. Be sure to enter information exactly as it appears on your passport.
  2. Submit Your Program Deposit(
    In order to secure your space in your China Seminar, submit your 500 USD program deposit by Friday, September 25.Secure Your Space
  3. Submit Your Program Payment (
    Your full program payment is due on Thursday, January 22, 2015. Please use our secure and convenient online payment system (secured by Stripe) to submit your program payment.
  4. Complete CLI’s Invitation Letter Form(
    In order for CLI to prepare an official letter of invitation for the UNF group so that you can receive a Chinese visa, please complete the Invitation Letter Form by Thursday, December 31, 2015. You’ll need your passport or a scan of your passport’s personal information page handy to complete this form.
  5. Secure Your Passport and Visa(
    Thoroughly review the Visa Application Guide and submit all required application items to your faculty leader by Thursday, December 31, 2015. Your passport, which will contain your Chinese visa, will then be returned to your faculty leader by Thursday, January 21, 2015.
  6. Secure Your International Airfare(
    In order to provide maximum flexibility, you can either fly with the group or purchase airfare on your own. If you choose to fly with the group, your tickets will be purchased on your behalf by CLI (we provide international airfare ticketing services as a courtesy and does not charge any processing fee). If you wish to book your own airfare, you will also have this option. Please review our International Ticketing Process PDF for details.
  7. Tell Us Your International Flight Itinerary(
    It’s important for your faculty leaders and for CLI to keep track of every students’ international flight itinerary. Please complete our Flight Form by Thursday, December 31, 2015.
  8. Complete CLI’s Health Form(
    Taking the proper health and safety precautions prior to your travels to China is essential. Please complete CLI’s Health Form by Thursday, December 31, 2015.
  9. Review CLI’s Pre-Departure Packet (
    In an effort to better prepare you for your time abroad, CLI has put together a detailed pre-departure packet. Be sure to review all information carefully and contact CLI at with any additional questions that you may have.
  10. Review CLI’s List of Online Learning Resources(
    A great selection of free Mandarin learning resources is available online. Please take at least one hour to review and familiarize yourself with each of the resources mentioned.
  11. Familiarize Yourself with Your Itinerary (
    Be sure to thoroughly review your China itinerary and, as always, feel free to contact CLI anytime.