Global Faculty To-Do List

In preparation for your upcoming CLiGS international program, please follow the below steps and contact Nancy Fried ( if you have questions.

NOTE: weeks/months at beginning of each step indicate amount of time prior to start date by which item must be completed
  1. (12 months) Decide key program information with Dr. Andrew Perlstein
    Work with Dr. Perlstein to tentatively decide: (1) start date, (2) start time, (3) start hotel, (4) end date, (5) end time, (6) end hotel. Use the CLiGS Hotels spreadsheet to select hotels. Dr. Perlstein can add hotels to this spreadsheet as needed.
  2. (6 months) Communicate any changes to key program information to Dr. Perlstein
    Your program start and end dates, times, and hotels must be finalized at least six months prior to program start date.
  3. (All times) Utilize the CLiGS Dashboard
    Within three days of receiving key program information from Dr. Perlstein, CLI will create your program-specific landing page (example) and create your program itinerary template (example). CLI will email you and Dr. Perlstein confirmation once these items have been created. This email will include a link to the CLiGS Dashboard and login information. You can access four key resources via the CLiGS Dashboard: (1) your program’s participant list, (2) your program’s landing page, (3) your program itinerary, (4) your students’ international flight information. Your participant list will automatically populate as your students submit their Student Information Forms. Their international flight information will populate as they complete their International Flight Forms.
  4. (6-12 months) No action required: CLiGS admin distributes your program’s unique landing page to students
    Upon deciding tentative program information (Step 1 above), CLI will create a landing page unique to your program (example here). CLiGS admin will then distribute your program’s landing page to all potential participants. Your program’s landing page includes a unique To-Do List (TDL); urge your students to complete all steps at their earliest convenience and point your students to your program’s landing page as they ask you questions about trip registration and logistics. Your program’s landing page can be accessed under the “TDL” column in the CLiGS Dashboard.
  5. (4-6 months) Develop your program itinerary
    Access your itinerary in the CLiGS Dashboard. Your itinerary is a shared Google Sheet (example); updates can be viewed in real-time by CLI logistics providers, CLiGS administration, and in-country partners with whom you’d like to share the itinerary. Major itinerary items, including hotels and inter-city domestic travel needs, must be completed at least four months prior to program commencement. Please then complete day-to-day program details in the months and weeks leading up to commencement.
  6. (3-5 months) Book your own international airfare and secure your own visa
    Prior to purchasing your airfare, send your proposed itinerary to for budget approval. We will respond within 48 business hours. Once you’ve purchased your international airfare and secured your visa (if needed), email the electronic receipts to Nancy for your expense reimbursement. We will process reimbursement within ten business days of your request. If you do not have an electronic receipt for your visa payment, tell CLI the amount you paid for your visa (and for the visa service, if applicable) and we will verify online as needed.
  7. (2 months) Understand your VT-provided medical and travel insurance
    Please carefully review this Virginia Tech Insurance PDF. CLiGS will purchase a travelers’ health insurance policy on your behalf from Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). You will receive an email from CISI with your personal policy information. Be sure to save the information, print out a copy to bring with you on the IFE, and print out another copy to leave with your emergency contact prior to departure. CISI also offers a mobile app that may come in handy during your travels.
  8. (All times) Complete any requested action items from Virginia Tech’s Global Education Office
    In the months and weeks leading up to the start of your program, remain on the lookout for communication from Virginia Tech’s Global Education Office (GEO). GEO requires faculty leads to fill out or sign documentation online prior to the start of the trip. GEO also provides you with information about Virginia Tech’s guidelines and policies regarding student conduct abroad. We recommend that you look over this material in the event any kind of disciplinary action is required.